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KTM Bike Industries stands alone in our devotion to development. Progress makes great bicycles, and we are proud to showcase leading innovation in all our makes and models. From research and development, to trail testing, right on to the consumer - KTM is dedicated to providing cyclists everywhere with the best products, and newest technologies, while maintaining our signature quality. 


  • In combination with our Rocker Blade, this technology offers a very sensitive response to small bumps and a high absorption of big hits while keeping high pedaling efficiency.

Integrated Flatmount:

  • To meet the high demands of our riders the Flatmount Disk Mounting is the ideal technology with a slim and elegant design.

Remote Lockouts:

  • Shock and fork lockouts can be controlled by an ergonomic remote lever while your hands remain on the bar allowing you to increase pedal efficiency at a moments notice, letting you to adapt to new terrain on the fly.

12mm & 15mm Thruaxle:

  • The KTM Thruaxle System is screwed through the derailleur hanger mount. The benefits include increased stiffness and simple installation and removal of the rear wheel.

Tapered Steerer:

  • The tapered steerer offers optimized riding feeling and increased overall stiffness.