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Four Easy Steps to Get Your Significant Other Riding with You

Posted by Alex Knott on

Four Easy Steps to Get Your Significant Other Riding with You

I want to share with you, the reader, some of the things I have found successful when it comes to getting my girlfriend out and riding with me.

1. First things first... You have to be more excited then they are. Your enthusiasm and motivation to get a “non-cyclist” out on a ride with you will become their enthusiasm and motivation. Of course you might hear them say that they are, “excited and looking forward to the plans” but if they didn’t ride before they met you, chances are they just don’t care that much. Be stoked! It is contagious! Repeat how much fun they are going to have and express how happy you are that they are joining you. They get to see what you leave them to do, for so many hours of the week!

2. Next, be prepared! Take all of the hard work out of it for whoever you are bringing along. Have all of their gear ready for them. Go the extra step. Prepare both your bikes and lend some cycling specific clothes if you can.  If not, just let them know that tight fitting athletic clothes and shoes that can get dirty are all that they need to bring. Take care of the rest, including water and most importantly a helmet! Remember they do not know what they need and if you leave them to “figure it out” it will just frustrate them.

Four Easy Steps to Get Your Significant Other Riding with You

3. The ride! Ready for the obvious? MAKE IT EASY! So easy for you that you could eat a cheeseburger and drink a beer during the ride. Most passionate cyclists forget the struggle of the first couple of rides and soon get amnesia when it comes to the hurt locker that they found themselves in when they fell in love with riding. Of course for your significant other to fully appreciate your sport they will have to face challenges. They will need to conquer some challenges and fail at others only to set goals for the next ride, but AT NO TIME should your new cycling buddy ever throw their bike down and regret agreeing to let you drag them along.

Four Easy Steps to Get Your Significant Other Riding with You

WARNING! Just because you know that your significant other can push through a tough climb and you are trying to get them to dig deep with "Rocky" level inspirational rants... if they decide to stop, then STOP! Do not feel the need to say, “You had it!” or “Just keep going!” The whole point of the ride is to fall in love with cycling not fear it!

4. Encouragement! Be the overly enthusiastic Mom at soccer games. Even though you might not be getting responses other than grunts of “thanks” being forced out through the sweat and heavy breathing, it still gets through to them. Even if you are told to “just shut up!”, take a break and then hit them with the positivity again! Trust that it will make for a better experience overall.

Four Easy Steps to Get Your Significant Other Riding with You

These are just some of the few things I have done to get my girlfriend out riding both mountain and road with me. I learned them the hard way so take my advice and use these techniques to have a great ride with someone that has never tried cycling before. I hope that this will lead to a great experience for whoever you decide to drag along on your next ride!

If you have any questions about how to have a better time with a newbie or anything regarding KTM Bike Industries contact me at Alex Knott - KTM Bike Industries.

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